Tommy ~2~ Toes Contracting and the Inspectors

“Tommy ~2~ Toes Contracting and the Inspectors” details scenarios describing various code issues created by the contractor, and how the inspector responds, using the codes to support the inspection results. While the characters and locations in these short stories are fictitious, these stories do describe real life situations that inspectors experience on a daily basis. The writer details the specific code sections that apply to the specific conditions described in a humorous, but fact based way.  The code violations described and the responses provided by the inspector can serve as an aid should an inspector find themselves in that same situation during an inspection. We hope you enjoy reading these short stories and learn from them as well.

5.24 Pole Building Beam Support

4.24 Townhouse Separation – Rated  Assembly

3.24 Unlicensed Sub Trade Contractor under Owner Permits

2.24 Off Site Built Structures – Follow Up Inspection

1.24 Final Inspection – Off Site Built Structures

12.23 Deck Framing

11.23 Slab Insulation Requirements

10.23 Roofing and Window Inspections

9.23 Roof Framing

5.23 Insulation

4.23 Lintels