The Northern Michigan Code Officials Association (NMCOA) has notification that our subscription through NMCOA will expire in March of this year.

NMCOA entered into a yearly subscription with to provide local jurisdictions and building officials with online access to many of the referenced standards in the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes. The need to have quick access to the code referenced standards was mandated by the State of Michigan through the Bureau of Construction Codes a few of years ago. is a reasonably priced alternative to spending tens of thousands of dollars on a library of referenced standards that would require updates as the codes change, as well as space in which to store such a library.   Last year NMCOA was able to put together a subscription to and aid 54 jurisdictions in Michigan gain easy and inexpensive access to many of the required referenced standards.

An email has been sent to the participating jurisdictions from last year, the NMCOA subscription to inform those participants that it is time to renew. The notice emailed has been sent to those noted in our records as a contact person for your jurisdiction, or you are noted as a code official for your jurisdiction. In 2018, NMCOA brought together 54 jurisdictions to create our MADCAD subscription. The number of participants in this program helps us keep the cost per jurisdiction to a minimum, while providing each jurisdiction with access to this vital and important set of required referenced standards.

It is extremely important to have full participation by those in our subscription so that the cost quoted can be guaranteed.

Above you will find our 2019 MADCAD Participation Renewal Form. It is imperative that you complete the form, and return it and payment of the renewal amount to NMCOA as quickly as possible so that there is not a lapse in the service that provides through the NMCOA subscription.  For this reason it is necessary for us to request that the form and payment be received no later than March 6, 2019 and not have service interupted. The form is self explanatory, is an interactive pdf that can be downloaded, filled out and then printed, and then mailed to NMCOA with payment. Please complete all requested information including the names and email addresses of all users in your jurisdiction. Space is provided on the form for up to 14 users per Jurisdiction. MADCAD does require that EACH participating jurisdiction have its own subscription through NMCOA.   Incomplete forms will cause delays in our renewal with MADCAD.

The rate for 2019 is $350.00.   MADCAD access puts a full library of information in the hands of your code officials at a low cost. These standards can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smart phone as long as internet access is available. Once logged into the MADCAD site, this library of information becomes a valuable resource of information for your code official use in obtaining information to support the interpretations and decisions he or she may make on a daily basis.

If you have a neighboring jurisdiction that needs access to the referenced standards, feel free to pass this email and information on, or have them contact me for more details. Feel free to contact Martin Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman, with any questions or comments that you may have as well.

He can be reached at 231-439-8988 or

The MADCAD End User Agreement link is provided below.  The End User Agreement has been reviewed by the NMCOA Board of Directors, and has been signed by NMCOA President Don Gilmet.  As a MADCAD user, the Board has provided participating members with a copy of the End User Agreement for review and reference.  It is important that all users be familiar with the limitations to the access and use of the MADCAD Library.  There are limitations to the downloading and reproduction of the standards available, especially the ASTM Standards.  These limitations are clearly noted within the agreement.  Those found to be found in violation of this agreement will loose their ability to access the standards.

History of the Referenced Standard Library requirement: 

In September of 2014, the State Construction Code Commission directed the Bureau of Construction Codes to send a letter to all code enforcement agencies (local units of government).   That letter indictaes that all jurisdictions must have access to the standards that are referenced in the code books in addiiton to the code books themselves.  This applies to all jurisdictions already enforcing the codes, as well as those who may apply in the future to enforce the codes.

The Construction Code Commission recognizes the expense involved in creating a full library of all the referenced standards, which will be well over $100,000.00.  As such the Bureau has created a list of essential standards that trims down the list to those most likely to be needed on a regular basis to enforce the codes.  The essential library list still comes at a cost just under $30,000.00.  The list of essential standards can be obtained at the Bureau website or by clicking the link above.

In an effort to find a more acceptable and reasonable cost alternative to owning the essential library of referenced standards, NMCOA has been working closely with the Saginaw Valley Chapter of ICC (SVCICC) and The Code Officials Conference of Michigan (COCM) and is communicating with an online resource for many of the standards noted in the essential referenced standards list.  That online source operates under the name

MADCAD can provide access to small groups of jurisdictions who, together share the cost of access to the MADCAD library.  Click on the link above for more information on what MADCAD offers to Michigan Jurisdictions.

Based on the information that has been provided to us, MADCAD would set up small code official organizations such as NMCOA and SVCICC to purchase a subscription to the MADCAD Library.  The cost for access would then be split among those in the organization who wish to have access to the MADCAD library through the organization.  For example, NMCOA would purchase the access, NMCOA members whos jurisdiction wisesh to become users, would pay a share of the overall cost to NMCOA.

The cost for access is based on the number of users, the annual valuation of construction within the group, and the number of users needing to access a referenced standard at once.  The higher the number of users and total annual valuation of construction within the group, the higher the cost of access.   Examples of cost breakdowns are provided at the website.

Access to the Essential Referenced Standards Library can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost that will be spent on obtaining a print copy of the standards and creating a physical library within a jurisdiction.  Check out MADCAD and see what they have to offer!