This page is dedicated to the recognition of members, instructors,

and others who have dedicated themselves to supporting NMCOA and its goal,

providing quality educational opportunities to the NMCOA membership.

2022 Presentations

At the December 2022 meeting, the NMCOA Board of Directors presented a certificate of appreciation to Martie Van Berlo,
in recognition of his 22 years of service and involvement with the NMCOA Board.
Van Berlo was elected tot he NMCOA Board of Directors in December 2000.
He served 2 years in each of the Board positions, and then added the responsibility of Education Chairman in 2007,
serving in that position until December 2022.
Van Berlo’s contributions to NMCOA include the current NMCOA logo, refreshing NMCOA documents and applications,
seeking out new and informative continuing education programs,
maintaining the organization’s records, managing the organization’s membership records annually,
organizing and maintaining the MADCAD online reference subscription, and more.
In response to the presentation Van Berlo briefly noted the past members who were responsible for the organization of NMCOA in 1975,
and indicated that his involvement in Board service was extremely rewarding, educational, and fun.
Van Berlo challenged the group, especially those younger inspectors to get involved.
The organization does not operate without dedicated individuals serving on the Board of Directors.
Van Berlo will continue to be available to the Board for consultation, and will continue to serve as the group’s website manager.
Outgoing Past President Randy Robinson was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his 12 years of service as a NMCOA Board member.
Congratulations to both for their years of service and dedication to the organization.




                            2021 Presentation – Jerry Tuggle

At the 2021 December NMCOA meeting,

Simpson Strong Tie Representative Jerry Tuggle was recognized

for his many years of service  to the code officials throughout the State of Michigan.

Congratulations to Jerry on his pending retirement. We wish him well.