NMCOA President Mike Keileszewski has decided to use an agenda format for future NMCOA Board meetings. Those who have an item they would like discussed at the NMCOA Board meetings will be given the opportunity to submit items to be included for discussion. If you have an item for the agenda, feel free to submit it by email to nmcoa75@gmail.com, no later than 5 days prior to the meeting.
NMCOA Members,

NMCOA is scheduled to meet on Friday, December 3, 2021. This meeting is currently scheduled to be an in person meeting, taking place at Jay’s Sporting Goods, Headwaters Meeting Room, in Gaylord. Should there be restrictions on using this meeting area, you will be notified of the change in location/virtual meeting as soon as possible. NMCOA is able to return to a 9:00 a.m. start time at Jay’s. The schedule for programming to be presented is as follows:

9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

Connectors, Anchors & Fasteners  CP-20-00083    3 hours Specialty Credit – BI, BO/PR Only    Presented by Jerry Tuggle, Simpson Strong Tie

This will be the only program on this date. The Board of Directors will be meeting after this program for the monthly Board meeting as well as a Board work session to discuss the transfer of Education Chair duties from the Education Chairman to the various Board positions beginning in 2022. 

As is typical of the December Meeting, postcards related to information for 2022 Membership will be available for pick up. If you are unable to attend, your post card will be mailed. The 2022 membership application and the proposed 2022 program schedule will be posted no later than the end of December 2021.  Please advise your jurisdiction of the change in mailing address for NMCOA. The new address will be on the membership form. 

The NMCOA Board looks forward to seeing you at the next meeting



Previous Update Posts that are still relevant:


Program Attendee Lists:  Attendee Lists for the webinars recently presented can be found by clicking the Certificate of Attendance tab at the top of the home page.


MADCAD Online Referenced Standards: As discussed over the past few months, NMCOA has fallen short on the number of participating jurisdictions in the NMCOA MADCAD subscription for 2021. The Board will continue to look at options for this program and how NMCOA can continue to provide this valuable resource of code referenced standards to its members as a reasonable cost.

For those not familiar with the benefits of MADCAD, the referenced standards, as noted in the codes, are actually considered part of the code. You can find this reference in Section R102.4 of the 2015 MRC, and Section 101.4 of the 2015 MBC. Similar references can be found in the electrical rules, the mechanical and the plumbing codes. This means that the code books only contain part of the requirements of the code. Without access to the referenced standards, how does an inspector perform their duties as code officials?

The cost to have the referenced standards as a physical library are far more costly than many jurisdictions can afford. The MADCAD online library is a low cost way of accessing many of the standards referenced in the codes. That is the reason that NMCOA has worked with MADCAD to provide a subscription based access to its members since 2016. If your jurisdiction is not currently subscribed to MADCAD and you would like further information, please email your request to nmcoa75@gmail.com .  NMCOA will be happy to get your jurisdiction enrolled into the subscription program.




Each year the ICC encourages jurisdictions around the country to celebrate Building Safety Month. One way to recognize building safety month is through the approval of a Building Safety Proclamation by local government officials. NMCOA, as an organization has approved a proclamation recognizing it members for the important role each one plays within their communities to assure safe and code compliant construction. The 2021 NMCOA Building Safety Month Proclamation has been posted below. In addition, a generic proclamation is also included that local jurisdictions can use to create their own proclamation. Feel free to download this ICC guide document, and use it to create your own proclamation to take to your local officials for approval.

2021 NMCOA BSM Proclamation

2021 BSM Proclamation Sample

Please add the NMCOA email address to your mailbox as future emails may be sent through this address. nmcoa75@gmail.com

2021 NMCOA Membership information and application can be found under the membership tab on this website. The application is interactive, meaning that the form can be filled out on your computer, then printed and submitted by mail as per the instructions. NMCOA is not able to accept credit cards at this time.

The NMCOA Board of Directors welcomes Tom Doss, Emmet County Building Inspector as the Director at Large for 2021-2022.

Updated Board information can be found under the Contact Us tab.


Click on the MADCAD Tab above for details on the 2021 MADCAD Subscription