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NMCOA has entered the world of virtual presentations. Read more about it below…

The NMCOA Board has been exploring options for presentations in the immediate future. The meeting room at Jay’s can not be used until Jay’s management has determined that large gatherings can safely resume. The NMCOA Board will be notified as soon as that happens so that NMCOA can return to in person presentations. Until then, the Board has concluded that presentations will be presented virtually, online. Those who wish to participate may do so remotely from their place of work, their home, pretty much anywhere that has a good internet connection and the participant has an electronic device that will allow video and sound connections. The Board understands that this may be an issue for some members, but in doing presentations virtually, NMCOA can continue to provide educational opportunities to the majority of the membership. 

Based on the Board’s research, the webinar format that will be used will require a registration for each presentation prior to admittance into the presentation. As NMCOA members, there will be no additional cost to participate. Only those who are not current members but wish to participate will incur a cost. The purpose of the registration is to track those participating so that NMCOA has a record of the participants. A list of participants will be posted on the NMCOA website in place of the normal sign in sheets for each presentation.. 

2020 is an election year for NMCOA. As such, all Board positions are up for election. Addiitonally there will be an open position on the NMCOA Board of Directors as Past President Steve Haugen will end his term as Past President. If you have an interest in getting involved with NMCOA as a Board member, please let any of the Board members know, or respond to this email. Election of officers will occur at the end of this year, during the December 2020 meeting.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or for clarification of the above information by emailing 

October programs will be provided virtually. Once programs have been confirmed, email updates will be sent and information will be posted on this site. 

An updated 2020 membership list has been posted on the membership page. Click the membership tab for more information. 

As NMCOA transitions email addresses to the NMCOA Gmail account, some of you may be receiving this email message twice, one from, and another from Please be patient as we continue this transition process over the next couple months. Once completed, all nmcoa email correspondence will be from

Thanks to those who have submitted their 2020 NMCOA Dues and Membership forms. To date, I have received 85% of those who were members in 2019. For those who have not submitted, please do so as soon as possible. At the end of March, those not paid will be removed from the membership list and sign in sheets. 

The MADCAD subscription is being renewed for 2020. To date, NMCOA had 48 jurisdictions complete the 2020 MADCAD renewal form and payment. NMCOA has had 2 2019 subscribers drop out of the 2020 MADCAD subscription and 2 previous subscribers who NMCOA has not heard from. This shortage has affected the total funds collected this year to pay the subscription for 2020. Fortunately NMCOA has a small reserve of funds from the past couple years where expense was slightly less than the subscription fees received. As such, NMCOA is covering the shortfall for 2020 using those reserve funds. If your jurisdiction is interested in joining the NMCOA – MADCAD subscription, check the NMCOA website for more details, or contact Martie Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman, for more details.  

The Board looks forward to seeing you at our next meeting. As always, comments, questions and concerns can all be directed to any of the NMCOA Board members. 

 The Northern Michigan Code Officials Association Board of Directors has signed a Proclamation recognizing the month of May 2020 as Building Safety Month.

Building Safety Month is celebrated nationwide by many local code enforcement jurisdictions, State and local government officials, code official organizations and more.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the importance of building codes and their enforcement to provide safe and structurally sound buildings and structures for our communities to live in, work in and play in.  Additionally, Building Safety Month helps raise awareness of the important role of code officials and inspectors  within our communities. 

We, as code officials and inspectors, are the “unknown guardians of public safety”.  Below is the 2019 NMCOA Proclamation. Also provided is a sample proclamation that can be used by your jurisdiction. The Sample Document is provided as a Word Document that can be edited and used as you wish. Suggest that your jurisdiction approve a proclamation to recognize the importance of the code official and the work they do to.

NMCOA 2020 Proclamation                       Sample Proclamation for Use by Others

NMCOA has made their proclamation to recognize the NMCOA membership for their contributions to the citizens of their communities.

NMCOA is currently beginning to phase in a new email address. The new NMCOA email address is  Feel free to send future correspondence to this address. In the past, we have used Martie’s work email as a communication tool for NMCOA correspondence. We wish to end the use of that email for NMCOA correspondence in the not too distant future. Your assistance in that effort is appreciated.





















































































































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