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January 2020 Meeting Update

NMCOA Members, 

The next NMCOA meeting is just a couple weeks away. NMCOA will meet on January 17, 2020, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Headwaters Meeting Room of Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord. The programs to be presented differ slightly from those shown on the 2020 Proposed Education Agenda, which can be downloaded at www.nmcoa.org. Programs for the January meeting include: 

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

 Lo Down – Spray Foam Requirements for Thermal & Ignition Barriers in the

2015 MRC  CP-18-00173

4 hours Specialty Credit for BI, BO/PR Only

Power Point Handout  CP-18-00173 


1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Fireblocking & Draftstopping – 2015 MRC   CP-19-00195

3 hours Technical – All

Power Point Handout CP-19-00195


Instructor for both programs is Russell Thornburg. Those who attended the September 2019 may recall that Russell presented then, and was well received by those in attendance. Mr. Thornburg promises again to keep your attention throughout both of these presentations. The programs that he is presenting are filled not only with up to date code information, but also real life examples of his experiences in the building code enforcement business. Feel free to challenge Mr. Thornburg with your questions as he enjoys the live discussions on the subject matter that he is presenting. 

The powerpoint handouts are posted above for those who wish to reference the program at a later date. The handout will not be printed or available at the meeting, so if you wish to have a printed copy to follow during the presentation, you will have to print the attached copy.

I will not be able to attend the January meeting due to another personal commitment. If you intend to bring your 2020 dues/membership form and payment to the December meeting, feel free to do so. The Board members can collect those, give them to members of my department for delivery to my office. Any forms submitted at the January meeting will be processed at the end of January. As a reminder, the 2020 Dues/Membership form and 2020 Proposed Education Agenda can be found at the NMCOA website. A completed form is required. Payments received without completed forms will be considered nothing more than a donation from you and/or your jurisdiction to NMCOA, and your member information for 2020 will not be updated.

I have reached out to MADCAD for price quotes for the online referenced standards library for 2020. The renewal form has been posted and can be found under the MADCAD link at the top of this page. Renewal information has been sent out to the 2019 participating jurisdictions. New this year, in addition to emailing a notice, NMCOA will also be mailing an invoice to those jurisdictions that participated last year. While this creates some up front paper work on the administrators’ part, NMCOA is hoping the mailed invoice will alleviate having to send multiple email notices to those jurisdictions that normally don’t respond in a timely manner to the email. For the 2019 participating jurisdictions, watch for an email and follow up mailing soon. As in the past, the form posted on the NMCOA website is an interactive pdf form. This means that you can enter all of the requested information on the form on your computer prior to printing. Forms completed this way are generally very clear and legible, which helps in processing the information into the NMCOA records. If you choose to hand write the information on the form, please write clearly and legibly. Thank you.   If your jurisdiction has not participated in the NMCOA MADCAD subscription in the past, we welcome you to consider joining the NMCOA user group. Please email nmcoa75@gmail.com for more information.

As in years past, post cards serving as reminders for 2020 Membership Information on the website were distributed to those present at the December 2019 meeting. For those not attending, your post card will be sent by mail. The membership application for 2020 will be posted to the website by December 6, 2019. The Proposed Education Agenda will be posted no later than December 31, 2019.

Those interested in attending but are not NMCOA members should click on the “membership” tab above,

or contact Martin Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman for further information at nmcoa75@gmail.com.



The Northern Michigan Code Officials Association Board of Directors has signed a Proclamation

recognizing the month of May 2019 as Building Safety Month.

Building Safety Month is celebrated nationwide by many local code enforcement jurisdictions, State and local government officials, code official organizations and more.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the importance of building codes and their enforcement to provide safe and structurally sound buildings and structures for our communities to live in, work in and play in.  Additionally, Building Safety Month helps raise awareness of the important role of code officials and inspectors  within our communities.   We, as code officials and inspectors, are the “unknown guardians of public safety”.

Below is the 2019 NMCOA Proclamation. Also provided is a sample proclamation that can be used by your jurisdiction. The Sample Document is provided as a Word Document that can be edited and used as you wish. Suggest that your jurisdiction approve a proclamation to recognize the importance of the code official and the work they do to.

NMCOA 2019 Proclamation                       Sample Proclamation for Use by Others

NMCOA has made their proclamation to recognize the NMCOA membership for their contributions to the citizens of their communities.


NMCOA is currently beginning to phase in a new email address. The new NMCOA email address is nmcoa75@gmail.com.  Feel free to send future correspondence to this address. In the past, we have used Martie’s work email as a communication tool for NMCOA correspondence. We wish to end the use of that email for NMCOA correspondence in the not too distant future. Your assistance in that effort is appreciated.



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