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No NMCOA Meetings during June, July & AUgust

Next Membership/Educational Program Meeting is September 14, 2018


Don’t forget to renew  your inspector registration before September 16, 2018.  

For those with Building Official Registrations, be sure to include the fee for Building Official too,

even though it may not have been included in your renewal form sent from the State of Michigan.



Martie Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman,  recently attended a multi-jurisdictional meeting where there was discussion regarding independent inspectors who may be available to assist jurisdictions with inspector shortages.  As part of that discussion, Van Berlo indicated that he would reach out to the NMCOA membership, to find out if any of the members had an interest in being part of a list of independent inspectors that could be available to aid in inspections.  If there is interest, a list would be created, and the list could then be shared with jurisdictions within the NMCOA membership area, to be used as a tool for those jurisdictions to search out persons to cover inspector shortages.  If you work independently as an inspector in any trade, and have an interest in participating in such a list, feel free to send Van Berlo an email (mvanberlo@emmetcounty.org).  Names received along with contact information and inspector registration type (B, E, M, P, PR) will then be put on the NMCOA website (a new link and page in the website will be created for this).  Jurisdictions looking for assistance can then reference the website to make contact with persons listed.


As a reminder NMCOA does not meet in June, July and August.  Enjoy your summer months!


MAY 2018 Program Slide Presentation Copy   (click to open and download)



NMCOA – Building Safety Month Proclamation


The Northern Michigan Code Officials Association Board of Directors has signed a Proclamation recognizing the month of May 2018 as Building Safety Month.

Building Safety Month is celebrated nationwide by many local code enforcement jurisdictions, State and local government officials, code official organizations and more.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the importance of building codes and their enforcement to provide safe and structurally sound buildings and structures for our communities to live in, work in and play in.  Additionally, Building Safety Month helps raise awareness of the important role of code officials and inspectors  within our communities.   We, as code officials and inspectors, are the “unknown guardians of public safety”.

NMCOA has made their proclamation to recognize the NMCOA membership for their contributions

to the citizens of their communities.

Click Here to view the NMCOA Building Safety Proclamation



The 2018 Membership application and Proposed Education Agenda are posted.

Please click the “Membership” and “Education Information” links shown above to access these documents.

The 1015 – 2018 Program List has also been updated and posted on the “Education Information” page.


Recent Employment Postings

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