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May 2023 Meeting Information

Our upcoming May 2023 meeting of NMCOA will be held May 19, 2023. We will be starting our meeting as usual at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord, starting at 9:00 a.m. The scheduled day will be from 9am-12pm.for our AM class and then do a short 15min break as our afternoon class is only for 1hr. We will try to start at 12:15pm. to get everyone home at a reasonable time.  There will be no lunch break, so please plan accordingly.  Our May class will be the last one to make way for summer. Monthly classes will resume September 8, 2023. Our schedule will consist of the following.

Time – 9am-12pm

Title – Deck Framing        Program # CP-22-00068

Credit – 3hr. Spec      Classification – BI, BO, PR only

Presenter –  Doug Towner   – Simpson StronTie


Time – 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Title – The New ACI code 440.11 on GFRP Reinforced Concrete: Implementation for Building Code Officials. –    Program # CP-23-00018

Credit – 1hr. Technical        Classification – BI, BO, PR only

Presenter –  Jay Pease & Kerry Sutton –  American Concrete Institute (They will be presenting Owens Corning PinkBar, Fiberglas Rebar)


Reminders: MadCad renewal is approaching quickly, All subscription applications with the associated fee of $450.00 are due June 1, 2023.  Applications and fees may be submitted during the scheduled class or mailed to the addressee listed on the application form. I have attached the application for your convenience.


Note:  If class is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Notice will be sent as soon as notified of the cancellation.




The 2023 Membership application and the 2023 Proposed Education Agenda are now available. Click the links below to access them.

2023 Membership Application           2023 Proposed Education Agenda and Calendar

 The March 2023 Sign In Sheets are posted for download. 

Please note the new mailing address on the membership application. With the change in the treasurer position, all documents are being steered toward the treasurer.

Feel free to reach out to the Board with any questions, comments and concerns.

Program Attendee Lists:  Attendee Lists for  recent presentations can be found by clicking the Certificate of Attendance tab at the top of the home page.

2022 Presentations

At the December 2022 meeting, the NMCOA Board of Directors presented a certificate of appreciation to Martie Van Berlo,
in recognition of his 22 years of service and involvement with the NMCOA Board.
Van Berlo was elected tot he NMCOA Board of Directors in December 2000.
He served 2 years in each of the Board positions, and then added the responsibility of Education Chairman in 2007,
serving in that position until December 2022.
Van Berlo’s contributions to NMCOA include the current NMCOA logo, refreshing NMCOA documents and applications,
seeking out new and informative continuing education programs,
maintaining the organization’s records, managing the organization’s membership records annually,
organizing and maintaining the MADCAD online reference subscription, and more.
In response to the presentation Van Berlo briefly noted the past members who were responsible for the organization of NMCOA in 1975,
and indicated that his involvement in Board service was extremely rewarding, educational, and fun.
Van Berlo challenged the group, especially those younger inspectors to get involved.
The organization does not operate without dedicated individuals serving on the Board of Directors.
Van Berlo will continue to be available to the Board for consultation, and will continue to serve as the group’s website manager.
Outgoing Past President Randy Robinson was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his 12 years of service as a NMCOA Board member.
Congratulations to both for their years of service and dedication to the organization.


2023 NMCOA Membership information and application can be found under the membership tab on this website. The application is interactive, meaning that the form can be filled out on your computer, then printed and submitted by mail as per the instructions. NMCOA is not able to accept credit cards at this time.

Updated Board information can be found under the Contact Us tab.


Each year the ICC encourages jurisdictions around the country to celebrate Building Safety Month. One way to recognize building safety month is through the approval of a Building Safety Proclamation by local government officials. NMCOA, as an organization has approved a proclamation recognizing it members for the important role each one plays within their communities to assure safe and code compliant construction. The 2022 NMCOA Building Safety Month Proclamation will be posted below. In addition, a generic 2022 proclamation is also included that local jurisdictions can use to create their own proclamation. Feel free to download this ICC guide document, and use it to create your own proclamation to take to your local officials for approval.

2023 NMCOA BSM Proclamation

2022 NMCOA BSM Proclamation


Please add the NMCOA

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through this address. 


Details on the 2023 MADCAD Subscription 

Click this Link for the 2023 MADCAD Application –

MADCAD 2023 Subscription Form 

Additional details on this year’s MADCAD program can be found on the form. Contact NMCOA by email for more information.

MADCAD Online Referenced Standards: MADCAD rates for 2023 were discussed and approved by the NMCOA Board. The 2023 rate for the yearly subscription will be $450.00, with the benefit an additional 3 months (15 months total) for the year. NMCOA has worked with  MADCAD to add 3 months to the current subscription, making our new renewal date June rather than March. This will allow NMCOA to have separation between the membership renewals and the MADCAD subscriptions. Further information will be updated here as available. NMCOA MADCAD Renewal and Subscription forms will be sent out soon to the membership. If you receive a notice for MADCAD subscriptions from NMCOA but are not the party responsible for making that renewal, please pass the information to your jurisdiction’s party responsible for renewal or initial subscription to this valuable resource. Contact us at nmcoa75@gmail.com for information.

For those not familiar with the benefits of MADCAD, the referenced standards, as noted in the codes, are actually considered part of the code. You can find this reference in Section R102.4 of the 2015 MRC, and Section 101.4 of the 2015 MBC. Similar references can be found in the electrical rules, the mechanical and the plumbing codes. This means that the code books only contain part of the requirements of the code. Without access to the referenced standards, how does an inspector perform their duties as code officials?

The cost to have the referenced standards as a physical library are far more costly than many jurisdictions can afford. The MADCAD online library is a low cost way of accessing many of the standards referenced in the codes. That is the reason that NMCOA has worked with MADCAD to provide a subscription based access to its members since 2016. If your jurisdiction is not currently subscribed to MADCAD and you would like further information, please email your request to nmcoa75@gmail.com .  NMCOA will be happy to get your jurisdiction enrolled into the subscription program.