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December 2017 Update

The next NMCOA meeting is December 8, 2017.  We will meet as usual, at the Alpine Lodge in Gaylord, beginning at 9:00 am. 

The programming for December is still undetermined.  The programs noted on the proposed schedule are not available. 

We will provide details of the December programming as soon we have verified the programs to be presented..


Thank you to those who have responded to our request for interested persons to fill the vacant Director at Large position on the NMCOA Board of Directors. 

The Board of Directors appointed Matt Cronk, Cheboygan County Building Official, to fill this position.  Official election of a person to fill the Director at Large position will take place at the NMCOA December 2017 meeting.  

The Board is reviewing possible updates and amendments to the NMCOA By-Laws.  A draft copy of the By-Laws with the proposed changes will be posted on this website prior to the December 2017 meeting.  A draft copy will also be provided to the membership by email for review.  Approval requires a majority vote in favor to make any By-Law changes  Voting on the proposed revisions will take place at the December NMCOA meeting.  All are encouraged to attend.  


Feel free to contact any of the Board members with any questions, comments or suggestions.


Recent Employment Postings

Click Here, or on the link provided on the left to view recent Employment Postings provided to NMCOA